Head Lice Love Warm Weather

Lice love warm weather. It’s a little-known fact, which is…
July 25, 2018/by srizzuto1746

Where Do Head Lice Come From, & How Do You Get Them?

We typically hear, people have an infestation at school and think…
June 30, 2018/by srizzuto1746

Helpful Tips on How to Prevent Lice & Eggs

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention…
May 31, 2018/by srizzuto1746

A School Lice Letter Isn’t The Answer

April 20, 2018/by srizzuto1746

The Great Lice Egg Hunt

The Great Lice Egg Hunt – Free Lice Treatment offered to families…
April 13, 2018/by srizzuto1746


No Itch Doesn’t Equal No Lice

March 16, 2018/by srizzuto1746

Why It Takes So Long to Get Rid of Head Lice

It can take a long time to get rid of head lice. People have…
January 26, 2018/by srizzuto1746

The Real Health Risk of Head Lice

Parents get anxious when their children have head lice—the…
January 26, 2018/by srizzuto1746

Vodka to Treat Head Lice? There’s a Better Way

An article in the Daily Mail found that 8 percent of UK parents…
January 19, 2018/by srizzuto1746

Keep Head Lice Away During The Holidays

Trying to keep head lice away during the holidays?

As the…
December 29, 2017/by srizzuto1746

Everything You Need to Know About Lice Insecticides

The most common over-the-counter lice treatment products use…
December 14, 2017/by srizzuto1746

5 Reasons Your Head Lice Won’t Go Away

5 Reasons Your Head Lice Won’t Go Away and What to Do About…
September 26, 2017/by srizzuto1746
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