How not to spread lice…dehydrate them and their eggs

LICE HAVE CLAWS- dehydrate them and their eggs!

A head louse has six claws that allow it to crawl around from hair strand to hair strand. It can move from one head to another this way, which is why head-to-head contact is the primary way head lice are spread between people. Lice DO NOT fly or jump!

How not to spread head lice…if they don’t jump this means a child, or friend, teacher, nurse, or neighbor can avoide contracting lice by notifying people that head lice is going around their school, daycare, gym, team, or other activity location and then educating kids on head-to-head contact. The only way lice is getting from one head to another is when they are close enough to crawl onto another person. Eliminating head to head contact can eliminate the transfer of lice.

If you think your child already has head lice head to your nearest Lice Clinic to get screened or to kill live bugs- dehydrate the nits, eggs, and bugs as soon as possible.

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